Consisting of three directors, we introduce you to our management team.

Jim Green

Managing Director and co-founder

Jim Green

Jim’s background is as an electrical and instrumentation engineer, but his primary skills moved on to building and motivating winning teams. He has considerable experience in strategic sales, leadership, negotiation and organisation.

Jim has over 40 years in the computer industry with international software companies such as Sperry Univac, Wang, Digital Equipment and Industry Matematik Abalon in Europe, the USA and the Far East. He has held various senior management roles, including European Manager, Global Vice President of Strategic Sales and Director of Consulting. He has a consistent record of securing major contracts with worldwide organisations against fierce competition from market leaders.

Jim has an MBA from the University of Glasgow.

John Glen

Operations Director and co-founder

John Glen

John’s focus is delivering PHALANX projects on time and on budget. John has over 20 years experience leading project delivery teams in the power and utilities, equipment management, banking and retail sectors in the UK, Europe and the USA. John graduated with honours in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.

Dr. David Williams

Technical Director

David Williams

David joined Spartan’s executive management team in 2008, bringing with him 20 years experience in the development of enterprise class software systems. Prior to joining Spartan Solutions, David spent over 10 years at one of the UK’s largest independent software companies, where he most recently held the post of Chief Technology Officer, responsible for product strategy, research and development.

He was instrumental in the conception, design, and development of their CRM and BPM products currently deployed to tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Recognised as an innovator and skilled product architect, David’s focus is ensuring that PHALANX meets the high standards expected by Spartan’s international customer base.