The App Store for Operations

Looking to create the company they always wanted to work for, co-founders, Jim Green and John Glen founded Spartan Solutions in 2004.

Fuelled with developing a system that made physical objects “intelligent” and eliminated the errors, time and costs attached to traditional, paper-based systems, their vision was turned to a reality.

PHALANX App Store for Operations was launched connecting the user to a virtual, error free world using a combination of barcodes, RFID technology, smartphones and industrial handhelds.

The Spartan management team is made up of co-founders Jim Green and John Glen alongside Technical Director, Dr David Williams and have partnerships with market leaders across the oil and gas, equipment management and utility industries, namely Lawson, Motorola and Microsoft using PHALANX apps to manage their operation worldwide.

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  • Barcode & RFID Support
  • Fully integrated mobile app support barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification Tags (Including NFC support).

    Range of tag types to support industrial environments.