Network Owners are increasingly outsourcing asset management activities to Utility Contractor Service (UCS) companies. Manage work and assets with PHALANX.

The Paperless Depot


Reliable delivery of plant, equipment and safety equipment is critical to field staff in the utility industry. The industry also demands the highest safety standards for the inspection and maintenance of safety critical equipment.

PHALANX enables you to remove paper error, delay and costs from the equipment supply chain, increase equipment utilization by capturing equipment movements and status in near real-time and comply to safety standards by ensuring all equipment is maintained correctly and on time.

PHALANX will remove all paperwork from your equipment logistics and maintenance depots, freeing staff to focus on equipment safety and on-time delivery.

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Apps Used

  • Operations Web App
  • Delivery
  • Return
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Equipment Service
  • Equipment Test
  • Phalanx Analytics

Utility work is often organised as a project to be delivered to customers. Plant and equipment managers will capture or confirm the customer equipment requirements in a simple, step-by-step PHALANX web form designed for utility projects.

Information on the required equipment is wirelessly relayed to the appropriate depot for picking and processing on the PHALANX Delivery app. Any modifications from the original order are electronically captured and flagged to the back office team.

The PHALANX Return app uses bar codes and RFID tags to rapidly identify equipment. The app supports planned and unplanned equipment returns and captures photographs of damaged equipment which alerts customer account managers. As with all PHALANX Mobile apps, equipment can rapidly be identified using bar codes or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

The PHALANX Equipment Inspection app guides inspectors through a standard electronic form to ensure all necessary checks are completed. The app presents the relevant checklists for the equipment type being inspected and is designed to be a direct replacement to existing inspection paperwork if required.

Maintenance engineers can use the PHALANX Equipment Service app to repair the equipment and record consumed parts and time spent on each service task. This information can be shared with other back office systems to provide full life costs for each piece of equipment in your fleet.

The PHALANX Equipment Test app ensures test engineers conduct the necessary steps and record test results before marking the equipment as available.

Management can analyze and track the performance and utilization of personnel and equipment across depots and customers.

Phalanx has given us the fast, flexible mobile apps we need to meet our operational targets. The solution has had an immediate business benefit and feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive.

Mark Hamilton, Head of Plant & Logistics Balfour Beatty

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The ability to manage and track our equipment has significantly improved our employee productivity at the same time as we have been able to increase utilisation on our rental fleet.


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One seldom comes across a business solution that has a simultaneous immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and customer service levels but Spartan Solutions delivered just that.

Tom Armstrong, Chief Information Officer AGGREKO

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Aker Solutions is a leader in their field because they are always chasing the next level of innovation. The goal was paperless operations that remove human error, minimise delay and reduce cost. The fact that Aker has chosen Spartan as their partner to deliver that outcome is a great endorsement.

Jim Green, Managing Director Spartan Solutions

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