PHALANX mobile apps make it easy to plan, capture and track progress of jobs, people and equipment - on and offshore.

Paperless Shale Operations


Replacing paper job tickets with PHALANX shale apps removes the delay between job completion and invoice generation to the end customer. Removing paper will also reduce errors and allow your planning team to track actual hours, equipment and materials used - and to bill customers promptly and accurately.

PHALANX enables you to:

  • Reduce day sales outstanding, resulting in faster cash flow.
  • Generate more profit by ensuring all used labor and materials are accurately captured.
  • Reduce internal costs by removing unnecessary administrative overhead.
  • Electronically track and manage all employee activity on the lease.

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Apps Used

  • Operations Web App
  • Field Service
  • eTime app
  • Email
  • Cost Report
  • Phalanx Analytics

Planners and administrators capture the customer’s job requirement in a simple, step-by-step PHALANX web form configured for shale jobs. All information is recorded and the shale job is diarised and remotely delegated to a field engineer running the PHALANX Field Service App over WiFi and/or cell phone network.

The field engineer receives the job description, client bill reference, directions to well, materials and equipment. The engineer creates paperless ticket to capture hours worked, materials and equipment used. This is then synchronized to the Operations Web App to allow the planners and administrators see what is happening in the field.

Time not spent on billable activity is entered by the engineer into the eTime app. Supervisors and payroll staff can view details of billable and non-billable time on the PHALANX Operations Web App.

The PHALANX job authorization app allows the Company man and your foreman to electronically sign-off completed jobs. Phalanx auto-generates an e-mail with an ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ button for remote Authorization.

Planners and administrators will select one or more completed job tickets to generate a consolidated cost report. PDF cost report is then forwarded to the customer as evidence of completed field work.

Management can analyze and track the operational performance and utilization of personnel and equipment across customers, wells and jobs.

On and Offshore Equipment Maintenance


International standards for oil and gas equipment management and repair are increasingly strict. Non compliance endangers lives, can shut down your operation and critically affect your reputation.

Replacing e-mails, faxes and telephone calls with PHALANX Apps ensures all planned and unplanned maintenance is tracked and accurately recorded.

All PHALANX Apps work when disconnected (when mobile networks and WiFi are not available), which is crucial for field engineers.

Click below to download a case study on how Aker Solutions used PHALANX to manage all offshore equipment maintenance .

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Apps Used

  • Operations Web App
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Equipment Service
  • Phalanx Analytics

Schedule planned Maintenance to on and offshore field worker. PHALANX enables field engineers to receive jobs using standard cell phone networks or a WiFi hot spot on the platform or lease site.

The field engineer automatically receives the planned maintenance job and related information on the PHALANX Maintenance app. Each maintenance job is automatically synchronized to the Operations Web App so that planners and maintenance managers can see (in near real-time) what is happening to remote equipment.

If equipment fails or performance degrades then the field engineer can record symptoms and possible cause using the PHALANX Inspection App. Any unplanned equipment repairs raised and recorded using the ‘on demand’ PHALANX Maintenance App.

Management can monitor frequency and type of equipment that is under performing. This information can be filtered across wells, leases and customers and can be used to identify patterns across the operation.

Aker Solutions is a leader in their field because they are always chasing the next level of innovation. The goal was paperless operations that remove human error, minimise delay and reduce cost.

Jim Green, Managing Director Spartan Solutions

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One seldom comes across a business solution that has a simultaneous immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and customer service levels but Spartan Solutions delivered just that.

Tom Armstrong, Chief Information Officer Aggreko

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Phalanx has given us the fast, flexible mobile apps we need to meet operational targets. The solution has had an immediate business benefit and feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive.

Mark Hamilton, Head of Plant & Logistics Balfour Beatty

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The ability to manage and track our equipment has significantly improved our employee productivity at the same time as we have been able to increase utilisation on our rental fleet.

Tor Helgeland, Group CEO Swire Oilfield Services

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