Lawson logo

Lawson is a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for equipment service, maintenance and rental companies in the oil and gas market. PHALANX fully integrates with the Lawson M3 system to reduce paper-based working and extend their ERP solution into the depot, warehouse and field.

Motorola logo

Motorola is the market leader in enterprise mobility. Spartan uses Motorola handheld devices because their ruggedness and reliability makes them ideal for withstanding rough handling and harsh weather conditions.

Microsoft logo

Microsoft provides the de-facto operating system standard for industrial mobile computers and PHALANX uses Microsoft operating systems, databases and software tools to support large scale enterprise mobility.

Ritchey ID logo

Ritchey ID has been at the forefront of tagging technology since the early 1970s and is now a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of a wide range of products in the UK, Republic of Ireland and key export markets worldwide.

BAND-IT logo

BAND-IT produce a range of vibration and corrosion resistant clamps, bands and ties for the permanent attachment of SparTags to mobile and fixed equipment.